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Diesel heater Enhance 2kw new model improve ments

With Brushless Motor will last longer

With new in provements, a better quality Burning chamber is more quiet

burns cleaner just like the webasto no need to clean out burning chamber every 2 years like the cheaper heaters

with 2 exhust pipes and one muffler

Fully enclosed ECU

longer and thicker wire loom

With stainless steel turret plate

To protect your floor



balanced motor runs smooth with good quality bearings

With a very quiet pump, no more loud ticking

LCD screen and remote

Inc free diesel plate stainless steel

Blue tooth connection

Kyocera glow plug

Very quiet

Fitting available

5 litre stainless steel tank

Adelaide owner business

Including postage

WITH 2 years warranty


ENHANCE WD HZ 2 KW With Brushless motor with quiet pump

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